The Bunker Diaryby Kevin Brooks

There are six rooms, no windows, no doors; an elevator is the only way in or out. What's he going to do to me? How am I going to get out? Wait, is that the elevator? I'm not alone. Linus, is kidnapped by a nameless, faceless, stranger is placed in an underground bunker from which there is no escape. Given a pencil and notebook, Linus records the events of his harrowing ordeal as his kidnapper continues to add hostages and ratchet up the psychological and physical cruelty. This suspenseful book is grim and not for the faint of heart.

264 pgs. - ISBN: 9781467754200

AR Quiz No. 171391, IL: UG, BL: 4, AR Pts: 8

Keywords: realistic fiction, kidnapping, survival, suspense, the movie Room meets Lord of the Flies

Honors: Carnegie Medal winner

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