The purpose of the program is to entice Louisiana teens to read and participate in the recognition of outstanding contemporary literature.

Louisiana students in grades 9–12.

Promotional Materials
Free Posters and Bookmarks are available while supplies last. To request them, please print and fax/mail the order form. You may also download and print your own brochures and bookmarks. The PDF's are below in the Resources section.

The Louisiana Teen Readers' Choice Program provides a recreational reading list.  Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.  We wish to engage teen interest, encourage critical thinking, and challenge teen readers.  As such, some titles on the list may have sensitive content and deal with more mature themes than some students may have encountered previously.  The target audience is young adults and as the term implies they will soon be adults.  Not every book will suit every reader, which is why there are many titles to choose from.  Please recognize that it is up to the individual reader to read the more mature selections or to close the book and choose another. 

Each school and public librarian should take their individual collection needs into account and consider each title before purchasing every book on the list.  An annotated list of nominated titles is provided on the State Library's website. 

To Participate
High School students may read or listen to the books and vote for their favorite one.  Students only need to read 2 titles to vote.  Votes for the 2017 LTRC list must be submitted to the State Library by February 1st, 2017.

How To Vote

  • Librarians and Teachers may total the votes of their students and submit the total. There are paper ballots that can be printed from the website. If you total votes this way it provides an opportunity to discuss which titles won for your school or class and then be able to compare that later to which titles win for the state.
  • Students may submit individual votes online if they are not voting as a class with their school or at their public library.
  • Students may only vote once.
  • The online voting form must be filled out completely.
  • Librarians may also request to have voting machines at their school for students to vote on. Please visit the State Library website for more information about the voting machines.


Discussion Guides

2018 Teen Choice List (next year's list for students to read in 2017)

  • Title List (coming soon)

For additional information contact Angela Germany at agermany@slol.lib.la.us.

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